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     Where do you hear Jesus?   Is He only in the sanctuary?  Is He in the peace of a wilderness retreat?  Is He in the chaos of a busy hospital?  Is He in the laugh of keiki on a crowded playground?

     When you hear Jesus, wherever you do hear you actually "listen" to him?   Do you listen to His message and follow His direction?  Or do you just hear the call...and...move on with your life...the way YOU want to?  Truly "listening" to Jesus takes courage, strength and determination.  Then it takes faith to step out into action.  James 2:14 tells us, "what profit is it, my brethren, for a man to say he hath faith, and hath not works?  Can faith save him?"

     I hear Jesus in nature; but I also hear Jesus when I encounter others in need.   However, I do not always have the faith to move beyond hearing Him, to following his direction.  I sometimes choose to follow my own path instead; and it never turns out the way I know it could have, the way I know it should have.  But Jesus never gives up on us.  He always gives us another chance to hear him.   He always gives us another chance to listen and another opportunity to step into action.  Seek out His voice.  Listen to His direction.  Step out in action.
         (Brian Baker,; Makiki Congregation)